Khush's Design Portfolio




Black Butter Records approached me to create a textural, gritty lyric visualiser for KDA's remix of Tinashe's "Die a Little Bit." 

KDA's latest EP and single covers are inspired by the aftermath of a strip club night-out, evocative of the Soho club scene from the late 80s and early 90s. During a phone conversation with KDA, we painted a vivid image of the aesthetic and iconography of that era, which we aimed to incorporate into the visualiser.

I was provided still life images of discarded items left behind

after a raucous night out at a stripclub. and a couple of visual references my clients would like incorporated.


Exploration 1

I aimed to immerse the audience in a world of raw grit, sharp textures, and unapologetic sensuality. I wanted this visualiser to capture the essence of scandalous themes right from the start and transport viewers to a realm of unparalleled excitement throughout.

Exploration 2

Here, I'm employing a clever technique by using the nostalgic image of an old £20 note and an eye-catching "raining money" effect to transport us back in time to a late 80s early 90s strip club. The dynamic use of strobe lights and flashing visuals was carefully crafted to capture the visceral experience of being immersed in the club's atmosphere.

Exploration 3

I aimed to replicate the perspective of the security personnel's scanners, displaying the same view of the screen they observe before granting entry into the club.

Exploration 4

The reason why I integrated the iconic red phone booth into this scene was twofold. Firstly, it was a nod to its popularity in that era and secondly, I wanted to capture the essence of a post-night out journey back home or back to your lovers, which could have involved making several drunken calls from one.

Exploration 5

In this scene, my aim was to convey the exhilarating feeling of being part of a group and thoroughly enjoying a night-out. I sought to recreate the hazy and distorted visual experience that can result from excessive alcohol and substance consumption.


The visualiser begins with Karnage Kills' verse, where the scene is set on a sticky nightclub floor. The camera then pans to an abandoned note on a wet pavement with Tinashe’s first verse.

Karnage Kills' intro verse on a sticky nightclub floor

Tinashe’s verse on an abandoned note

To emphasize the impact of the lyrics "drink, smoke, dance, vibe, f**k, change, ride," each term is isolated to its own moment in the visualizer, with 3D elements and color schemes seamlessly integrated to paint a vivid picture of each scene.

Isolated words with accompanying 3D elements

As the chorus begins, the visualizer transitions to Miss Banks' verse, where the focus is on capturing the essence of blurred vision experienced after an excessive pre-drinks session.

Miss Banks' chorus emulating “blurred vision”

The next scene depicts a hollow tunnel, reminiscent of the long walk through the lobby after security checks and into the club. The bright yellow light at the end of the tunnel serves as an invitation into the club, signalling the start of the ultimate club experience.

Tunnel into the club

The final version of the visualiser