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Instagram x Notion

“Creators of Tomorrow 2023” Campaign


Instagram and Notions

"Creators of Tomorrow 2023"




Art Direction

Motion Design

Graphic Design


NOV 2023



Daisy Deane,

Dela Studio

From high production content to casual unfiltered photo dumps, Instagram is a home for creativity in all forms. To celebrate just that, Instagram decided to honour the next generation of creators making a mark on their communities and the world with their Creators of Tomorrow list, curated by Instagram and Notion.

I was approached by Daisy Deane, Creative Director and Founder of Dela Studio to help with developing a suite of creative assets & deliverables for the creators that present the Q+A format in a way that's trendy, fun and "Gen-Z coded" 🫶🏽

My role within this project involved:

- Conceptualising ideas alongside the Creative Director.

- Gathering resources and references.

- Putting together a cohesive visual identity that feels bold, DIY and captivating.

- Considering the format and context of each deliverable.

- Executing motion and graphic design.

The full article can be found here.

The Process

Gathering References

The selected “Creators of Tomorrow”, use a variety of techniques in producing their content whether it’s studio-produced or raw and unfiltered, right from their bedrooms. This blend inspired our aesthetic, which is a harmonious fusion of sleek, professional execution through its layout and thematic playfulness through the font choices, quirky animation style, 3D stickers and colour palette.

Defining Colour Palette

To body the range of talent the Creators hold, we went with a bold, diverse colour palette. But also, we might’ve been inspired by Barbie and Ken’s rollerblading fits.

Picking Fonts

For the questions, we opted for a quirky font pairing using Instagram Sans and Boyers Italic (bubble font) to extract key words within each question.

We also used Instagram Sans across all the body copy for consistency and recognisability.

Inflated Sticker

In line with another popular design trend this year, each creator was assigned an inflated 3D text IG handle. This gave each template and creator its own unique feel. These 3D stickers were also used in the static collage each Creator was assigned alongside their video.

The Storyboard

These frames describe the overall structure of the video templates


In the opening frame, we aim to establish a strong brand identity, setting the tone and expectations for the audience. As part of a series, it’s crucial to introduce a cohesive and consistent visual structure from the outset, ensuring a seamless narrative flow and brand recognition throughout the series.We also used the same frame at the end minus “present”


In the second frame, we reveal the series' focus and introduce the featured content creator, highlighting their name and Instagram handle. The layout is carefully crafted, emphasising a hierarchy of elements with ample white space for clarity, ensuring each detail is distinct and easily digestible.


In-line with the top design trends this year, we opted for a bento-box format to hold the IG Handle and video of each creator. We also wanted to integrate Instagram’s UI (icons and recording button) so that the entire template felt native to the app and its familiar functionality.


In the penultimate frame, right after the question we brought in the Creator to answer each question and supplemented each video with subtitles for accessibility. I also removed the app icons on the side to minimise distraction. The circular loading bar also gives the user an idea of how long the whole video is.

The Outcome

The rest can also be found on Notion's Instagram

Analogue Collage Assets

These can also be found on Notion's website

Each Creator video was supplemented with a collage, almost as though they had their own Pokémon card. This deliberate shift from a digital video template to an analog graphic card artfully mirrors the perpetual dance between the content we share online and the authenticity of our real lives.